Looking For A Sign Company For Your Business In Calgary?

inside our storeCalgary Signage can help with any project, from temporary signs for a single occasion or for a permanent marker, such as to signify a business. We are a full service sign company and our work helps steer traffic to your special events or set apart your particular brand among competitors. This do-it-all sign shop can help a new business develop a presence, a brand, in the marketplace to be successful. Don’t worry about not knowing what material, size, color, or even site you need for your sign. Our professional staff is trained to find the perfect choices for you based on each individual project you bring to us. We have a fast turnaround time with most projects being designed and delivered within a week. And, we are here for those more complex projects requiring expert advice and even project management.

What a Sign Does For You or Your Business:

• It tells the public who you are, where you’re located, and what you offer. We are here to cover all of your signage needs in Calgary for community events, such as festivals, golf tournaments, charitable events, political events, public gathering, traffic signs, street signs, and whatever else a community may need to inform the public and for businesses. We will help you distinguish yourself from the crowd.

• It can identify your business. Our design and formatting can be a significant step in developing your brand. Sign makers can make your business or event more visible to more people. Our staff will offer their professional advice in how to place your signs to not only increase awareness, but also to generate your more revenue for your event or business. Not only the location of a sign but the design and size is also essential. Our staff is here to customize those features for you and make it happen.

• A sign can introduce products and services to the marketplace. Calgary Signage will assist in designing the business advertising you need so you can be recognized in the marketplace. Our full-time staff of professional designers can help make your concept a reality. We offer a variety of business advertising and marketing signs, such as vehicle lettering, screen printing, banners, vehicle magnets, window graphics, sidewalk signs, and much more.

• It increases sales. A California signage association and an international signage association joined forces in 1995 to conduct a major study of on-site signage performance conducted by the University of San Diego. What they found was that signs created a positive effect with significant impact on both annual sales revenue and the number of annual customer transactions. Specifically, They created an average 5% increase in revenue annually. Simply having one marking entrances and exits boosted weekly sales from 4 to 12%.

• It can serve to warn or caution the public. We can help you with required signage, such as for Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety regulations. We will assist you in making sure these Calgary signs meet all regulations. Also, we can provide businesses with specialized notifications, such as required by the national Federal Disability Act, commonly referred to as ADA. They can be made to work with architectural features and color schemes of your building to fulfill your required posting needs. Our professionals can make warning signs, such as those found at a construction site.

3 Major Functions of Signs

  1. It gives your information and can provide directions right to you.
  2. It assists in building a format for all of your street advertising.
  3. It enhances a customer’s impression of you.

Identify Your Signage Needs

  • Determine if you want to direct your target customers in some way, inform them, or sell to them.
  • Are you looking for a temporary sign in Calgary or something permanent? Do you need something advertising a special one-time or limited-time event, such as a sidewalk sale?
  • What image do you want to present to your target market? Is your style to be professional and sophisticated or fun and spirited? Your products or services need to stand out in the crowded marketplace.
  • Do you have existing advertising that you will be adding to or modifying? Are you using new colors or fonts? Do you need to replace older signs and advertisements to maintain consistency in the image you are wanting to project?

Define Your Target Audience

  • What demographics do you want to attract? Are your product, service, or event targeted more to one gender than another? What is the targeted age range?
  • How close will potential customers have to be to see your sign?
  • How long will it take to read your sign? Can people passing by get your whole message in the amount of time they have to read it?
  • What is the main message you want to communicate to them with the sign?

Whether you need signs to promote your business, inform your customers (and potential customers), or build your brand and customer loyalty, We will work with you to establish these needs and offer suggestions of best possible options for those needs. Don’t risk having inadequate signage that could be seen by thousands of existing customers each day. Don’t miss out on your potential customers. Make your company’s name and logo stand out to represent your business’s image.

Calgary Signage is your reliable partner. We are able to offer you the newest, most innovative options available. Our technology and knowledge allow us to bring you various materials, such as vinyl and wood. We give you our creative ideas and state of the art technology and ensure you have the highest quality products without breaking your budget. We take your needs seriously, whether you need one poster or banner to thousands of business signs. We have the capacity to complete whatever size project, whenever and wherever you need it most, even if that is on multiple site projects.

Our personalized consultation helps us guide your customized project through each step from the initial idea to the production, delivery, and installation wherever you need it. We have fast, easy tools online to request a quote, upload your files, and proof the final product no matter where you are. We simplify your sign buying process – from concept to completion®..